Response to Associated Press Story 20 November 2019

November 20, 2019 - 2 minutes read

We are reviewing the claims presented in the Associated Press (AP) story dated 20 November 2019. This includes assessing the accuracy and relevance of the documents on which they base their claims.

Since we first heard of these serious allegations, we have been working with the AP to better understand the nature of these claims.  On multiple occasions, we asked the AP to provide us with information regarding these claims so that we could ensure that we are operating in full compliance with not only industry standards but our strong internal guidelines. The AP repeatedly denied our requests.

We commenced our investigations immediately after AP’s communication with us, employing a global law firm to test the accuracy of AP’s allegations and to conduct a rigorous review of our China business.  We will continue our investigations now that we have more information from AP.

We have provided AP with a strong and detailed statement of our focus on legal and regulatory compliance and our responsible marketing conduct in China, as well as details of the strict market controls we operate under, internally and externally.

We would call for all the documentation including PowerPoints and the 3300 pages of materials referenced by the AP, to be shared with Mundipharma.

Mundipharma has rigorous standards in place to ensure it meets China’s strict legal and regulatory compliance standards and we continually strive to ensure compliance. We condemn actions that do not meet these standards and will take appropriate action where they have not been upheld.

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