New In-Vitro Studies Reinforce Efficacy of BETADINE® Skin Cleanser against Viruses that cause Hand Foot & Mouth Disease

June 9, 2016 - 7 minutes read

SINGAPORE, 7 June 2016 – New in-vitro research shows that the BETADINE® skin cleanser kills 99.99% of the leading strains of Hand Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD), a viral infection that is currently affecting thousands of school-age children each year and is currently at record levels

Many large outbreaks of HFMD occurred in Asia-Pacific countries over the past decades.[1] As seen in a 31st May 2016 WHO report, [2] there has been a growing incidence of HFMD cases for China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

As one of the most serious epidemic areas, China was burdened with the control and prevention of HFMD. It was estimated that the number of patients with neurological or cardiopulmonary complications was about 16,500 each year in China, and among these severe cases, the fatality rate was about 3.0%.[3]

As of 30 April 2016, a total of 410,850 cases of HFMD including 34 deaths were reported in China for 2016. From 1 to 30 April, 226,430 cases were reported, higher than the number reported in March (n=72,464). The number of HFMD cases reported monthly in 2016 is following the seasonal pattern observed in 2012 to 2015.[4]

As of 31 May 2016, there have been 2,697 HFMD cases reported this year in Japan. The number of HFMD cases in week 20 2016 was 428, compared with 279 cases reported in the previous week.  As of 8 May 2016, there were 12,605 cases of HFMD.

According to statistics from the Singapore Ministry of Health, the weekly number of HFMD cases recorded in Singapore reached a four-year high between 8 May and 14 May totalling 1,317. Since Janurary there has been a 29% increase in HFMD cases, with 16,893 cases reported year-to-date from 11,972 cases over the same period in 2015.[5]

HFMD is endemic in Malaysia and occurs throughout the year. In week 14/2015 (11 April 2015), a total of 13.497 cases of HFMD were reported which represented an increase of 83% compared with the same week in 2014 in which a total of 7,368 cases were reported with a weekly average of 526 cases. [6] Since the first outbreak in Malaysia in 1997, EV-A71 epidemics have occurred every 2–3 years, in 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008/2009, and 2012.[7]

In-vitro studies conducted by Dr Tan Eng Lee, Centre Director of Singapore Polytechnic’s Centre for Biomedical and Life Sciences, has shown that the  BETADINE® skin cleanser passed EN14476 test standard, achieved at least a log 4 reduction, or 99.99% success rate, in killing the EV71 and CA16 viruses, the leading strains of HFMD. EN14476 is recognised by EU authorities and experts as a credible testing standard for determining virucidal activity of a hand wash or hand hygiene product2. The EV 71 virus with high fatality ratio[8] is resistant to many alcohol and phenolic disinfectants,[9] and is known to cause neurological complications.

The World Health Organisation recommends proper hygiene practices including proper steps of hand washing in schools and homes as preventive measures of HFMD,[10] which spreads from person-to-person through direct contact with nose and throat discharge, saliva, fluid from blisters or the stool of infected persons.

Dr Leong Hoe Nam, an infectious disease expert, said “Good personal hygiene practices are important in the fight against HFMD.[11] Not only is the BETADINE® Skin Cleanser effective in killing most of the HFMD viruses, its colour indicator is extremely helpful in determining if children have washed their hands properly.”

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