How Leaders Can Attract and Retain Talent

May 9, 2017 - 4 minutes read

By Raman Singh, CEO, Mundipharma

“The ‘Google of the pharmaceutical industry’ – that is how Mundipharma is often described for successfully developing a corporate culture that motivates talent and encourages creativity and breakthrough innovation.

With our modern yet unconventional offices across the region complete with chill out zones and coffee baristas, Mundipharma is being seen as the ‘new face of pharma’. These offices are just one of a number of proof points of how we are creating a liberating atmosphere for our people, encouraging innovative and breakthrough thinking as well as empowering our talent to make decisions that benefit patients and the healthcare world. To me, our offices mirror that of a start-up company, with a creative environment that drives culture and brings out the best in people.

That’s who we are at Mundipharma. Our success across the region, comes down to the people we have in the organization – which is why, attracting and retaining top talent remains a top priority for me.

Typically, people don’t know what their limits are nor are they aware of how great their potential is. I make it a point to encourage my leadership team to spot talent, provide opportunities for development, to find ways to challenge our people so they can discover areas they may not have known. I firmly believe all of this creates bonding and engagement with the organisation. We have multiple instances where an employee is given an opportunity to take on another role or even an opportunity for mobility to another market. We have instances of a Finance Director taking on the role of Sales Director and a Marketing Director being promoted to a Country Manager and so on.

I also see it as important that we benchmark ourselves against the best to stay ahead of the curve, not just within but outside our industry as well. Culture surveys are of course one way for a company to assess workplace satisfaction and engagement. In my experience with several companies over the years, such surveys are always useful for us to identify employees’ level of contentment with their roles and the sense of satisfaction with the overall company, management and corporate culture.

Our strong people agenda and culture has led to us receiving top honours and a number of Human Resource awards, including Aon Hewitt’s ‘Best Employer’ award a number of times in a number of countries. Winning these awards are especially pleasing to me as it demonstrates that the organization inspires strong commitment and performance from our people; enjoys strong business results through effective people practices; and that we manage our business in a way that builds long-term success and sustainability. I also believe this has been a major contributor the major growth we’ve achieved in recent years.

My emphasis when it comes to attracting and retaining talent is to engage people on three levels: the environment they work in, the work they do, and the dynamics of their team. Creating a comfortable and a conducive environment is integral in encouraging innovation. Challenging individuals creates opportunities to learn on the job and from each other as well. When the lessons learned from these experiences help develop a can-do attitude, then you know you’re on the right track.