Mundipharma China Expands Consumer Health Portfolio with Kleenex® Family Mask Range Supported by a New App

July 24, 2017 - 6 minutes read
  • Customised range of masks suitable for all ages developed with Yuhan-Kimberly
  • Unique technical and fashionable design offers performance edge over conventional masks
  • New smartphone app with innovative features including location-based air quality condition monitoring 

Beijing, China, July 24, 2017: Mundipharma has teamed up with Yuhan-Kimberly to launch a range of Kleenex® masks with a range of new features to protect the respiratory health of Chinese families, and developed a location-based smartphone app to guide people on when masks are most needed.

Designed for the Chinese consumer market, the close-fitting Kleenex® masks include a four-layer electrostatic filter system that protects against smog with a filtering efficiency of over 95%, effectively isolating PM2.5 particles, dust and infection sources. The mask’s super-soft non-woven fabric makes it more comfortable to wear than other models which reduces the possibility of skin irritation. It’s also designed in sizes that fit a range of facial features, so that the right size is available for the whole family and have aesthetically pleasing patterns.

Professor Zheng, a paediatric specialist at No.306 Hospital, says: “Today, masks sold in the marketplace vary in quality and many consumers don’t know how to choose the right ones. Ideally, protective masks should fit well, or fit as close to your face as possible, and should be comfortable to wear while they allow you to breathe easily.”

The app is the latest in a series of digital initiatives Mundipharma has developed to deliver improved healthcare outcomes. It gives location-based, real-time updates and warnings on air quality. It utilises GPS to communicate the air quality index (AQI) value based on the user’s unique location. When the local AQI reaches an unhealthy level, the user will get an alert to wear their mask. The app will also give air quality readings for surrounding areas via an interactive map to help wearers plan their protective measures for future journeys. Kleenex masks can be also be ordered from within the app via approved online channels. It is available as a free download for both iPhone and Android users.

Mundipharma CEO, Raman Singh, said: “We’re proud to help support Chinese people to protect the health and wellbeing of themselves and their family. The innovative design features of the protective masks we’re launching, and the incorporation of people-focused digital technology, is a great example of this.”

Mundipharma’s Greater China General Manager, Peter Wang, added: “Our work with Yuhan-Kimberly to bring Kleenex® masks, supported by a smartphone app, will help protect the respiratory health of Chinese people, especially their children. We have gone to great lengths to evolve the simple mask into a health solution that incorporates real-time information, protection and design.”

Other unique features include a patented hook that effectively prevent masks from falling off, a 3D cutting to fit facial curves without pressing against mouth and nose and replaceable filters that moisturises for up to six hours to ease respiratory discomfort in dry environments or when the wearer has a cold.


® : Kleenex is a registered trademark

About the Kleenex Masks

Its unique features include:

  • Includes “high protectiveness” and “high comfort” features
  • Designed for an Asian face shape
  • Sized for different age groups, from infants aged one-three years, children aged three-nine years, and older children and adults
  • Close fitting
  • Four layers of electrostatic filters which effectively filter out PM2.5 particles, dusts, and infection sources
  • Made of super-soft non-woven fabric that do not irritate the skin and are more comfortable to wear
  • Comes in stylish patterns for a unique and fashionable touch

There are three types of Kleenex® masks:

  1. Anti-smog
  2. The 3D masks
  3. The 3D moisture masks.

About the Air Quality Monitoring App 

This app taps on GPS to give the user an air pollution index (AQI) value based on his location. When the local air index hits an unhealthy level, the user will get an alert to don their masks if they are going out. The app will also give AQI readings of the surrounding areas to help wearers plan their safety measures. The app will run as long as the face mask is worn. It is available for downloads through Android and Apple stores.

About Mundipharma

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