Making a difference every day

February 27, 2019 - 4 minutes read

Mundipharma’s chief executive officer Raman Singh on breaking new ground this year and beyond

By Michelle Bong

On measuring growth and success
“As one of Singapore’s fastest growing companies,
we believe growth and success are intertwined because success for us means reaching and helping as many patients as possible, and growth enables us to achieve this. Continuously extending our geographical footprint, expanding our portfolio of medicines, hiring more people and performing financially makes achieving these other growth metrics possible.”

On how technology will be a key business driver
“Technology will play a huge role in the way people’s health is being managed. Because there are technological capabilities we don’t have as an industry, we need agility to collaborate with partners to shape the future of healthcare. My vision is to change Mundipharma from a pharmaceutical company leveraging digital capabilities to a digital company selling medicines.

This is an ongoing process, there is no timeline to it because the pharmaceutical industry is based on innovation. Our core business is going to be innovating medicines and drugs; this is where digital technology will help us, by ensuring that we innovate faster, and reachgreater numbers of people in a shorter time.

“The evolution of technology has been the catalyst for massive ongoing transformation at Mundipharma because we believe it is essential we evolve in parallel to fully harness its potential to improve quality of life for people. In 2019, we will continue to transform and roll out innovative digital initiatives that will have a significant impact and further cement our position as a pioneer in this critical area.”

On the pharmaceuticals industry
“I am very fortunate to work in pharmaceuticals, which changes people’s lives — not just those who get treated, but the friends and family around them. I think it gives such meaning to come to work each day — there is a huge emotional incentive to do so. What really excites me is the opportunity to innovate and improve lives, advancing the human race.”

On his love for the job
“Our organisation tries to improve access to healthcare across the world. I think I have been an enabler, working with doctors, physicians and patients. It’s all about communication, digital expertise and business acumen. That’s what it takes to run an organisation as big as Mundipharma.”

On Mundipharma’s most valuable partners
“Governments, regulators, healthcare providers, patients and peers within the same industry. Ultimately we have a shared purpose and responsibility to provide quality healthcare and it is essential that we collaborate effectively to deliver this.
We are partnering with companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore. Currently, we are working with a company called Biofourmis Singapore to develop an automated pain scale for complex chronic disease management. We also collaborate with other companies in the areas of ophthalmology, respiratory and specialty care.”

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