The few days of leave you need to take to enjoy six extra-long weekends in 2018

February 1, 2018 - 2 minutes read

leave to take 2018Got the beginning of the year blues? Here’s something to brighten you up! Start planning your next holiday now, because to make it easy for you, here’s a list of dates to take leave to get the most out of Singapore’s public holidays… and some ideas about where you might want to go.

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and this is your first opportunity – book leave on Monday, 19 February, and you’ll have four full days of vacation! Here’s a tip, Perth, Australia is not far and is less busy than many Asian destinations during this time.

Keen to travel over Easter? Why not hop over to Cambodia and witness the wonders of Siem Reap. Taking leave on Monday, 2 April will give you enough time to soak plenty of it in.

If you’ve got children who can’t ponteng/skip classes, maybe wait it out for the school holidays. Take leave on Tuesday, 29 and Wednesday, 30 May and enjoy most of a week away. You could consider somewhere further like the land of k-pop and kimchi –Korea in the spring time!

Want to escape the crowds this year? Celebrate Singapore’s National Day from a relaxing distance by taking leave on Friday, 10 August. Maybe bask on the beaches of Bali.

Next up is leave on the eve of Deepavali on Monday 5, November giving you another four-day weekend – enough time to lounge in Lankawi, Malaysia, should that take your fancy.

Book 24 December off and look forward to another four-day or combine with some more of your leave and take  holiday long break to celebrate the end of the year and so many choices if you’re planning to travel.

Just don’t forget to bring along your trusted travel essentials, such as Betadine, which is available at leading pharmacies everywhere, including in Changi’s new T4, which was recently completely taken over by the brand – read more about that here.Tr