Mundipharma donates BETADINE® anti-viral supplies to Direct Relief to support the fight against Ebola in West Africa

December 11, 2014 - 7 minutes read
  • Mundipharma to provide supplies for at least two million hand washes in Ebola treatment centres
  • Members of the public invited to join Mundipharma’s donation drive via “Infection Life Hacks” Facebook campaign in Singapore which will increase donations of BETADINE® to Direct Relief

SINGAPORE, 11 December 2014 – Mundipharma today announces that it has partnered with Direct Relief, a leading aid organisation, to donate supplies of its BETADINE® range of anti-virals to support the aid organisation’s efforts to contain the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.

During this outbreak of Ebola, most of the disease has spread through human-to-human transmission. According to World Health Organisation guidelines, hand hygiene is the most important infection prevention and control measure1. The WHO has recommended hand washing as a key measure in infection control since the skin is a routine source of infection transmission.

To support the guidelines, Mundipharma will donate supplies of BETADINE® to provide more than two million hand washes in the Ebola treatment centres of West Africa.

To encourage members of the public to join Mundipharma’s efforts to contain the spread of the Ebola virus, for every new “like” on the “Infection Life Hacks” Singapore Facebook page

before 31 December, Mundipharma will donate a bottle of BETADINE® to Direct Relief. Infection Life Hacks is part of Mundipharma’s public awareness efforts to provide easy-to-understand medical information to the general public on relevant infection related topics from reputable sources (e.g. WHO, CDC etc.).

Raman Singh, President, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa, commented: “Mundipharma takes its responsibility to support the international aid efforts against Ebola very seriously. We hope that our proactive approach to product donations will enable Direct Relief to continue to quickly and efficiently provide important preventative measures in limiting the outbreak of this serious and growing health issue.

“The donation of BETADINE® is wholly consistent with our mission and commitment to improving the health and quality of life of the human race everywhere, even in the most extreme circumstances such as these and emphasises our focus on caring for those most in need. BETADINE® has been used and trusted as an antiseptic for more than 50 years, multiple publications of BETADINE® and its general virucidal activity exist which is why we believe the BETADINE® range can play an important role in the fight against the spread of Ebola.”

1 (WHO, August 2014).

“We are very pleased to partner with Mundipharma as we and our partners in West Africa continue our relentless efforts to combat Ebola at this crucial time. Minimising the further spread of the virus is a fundamental step in our fight against Ebola and providing aid workers, healthcare professionals and the general population with a means to implement proper hand hygiene via Mundipharma’s donations will play an important role in our task,” said Thomas

Tighe, Chief Executive Officer of Direct Relief.
The supplies of BETADINE® Surgical Scrub and BETADINE® Scalp & Skin Cleanser donated by Mundipharma are medicated soaps containing povidone iodine, a well-known antiviral, to provide hand disinfection even in areas without access to clean running water.

The Ebola virus is frequently found in saliva in the early course of disease and close face-to-face contact without appropriate personal protective equipment (including eye protection) has been rated as moderate risk to acquire Ebola virus by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control2. In addition to protecting the hands, mouth and nose, “gargling” with the donated supplies of BETADINE® Mouth Wash & Gargle and BETADINE® Throat Spray can disrupt the transmission of the virus via saliva by reducing germ count at the pharynx.

BETADINE® has demonstrated strong efficacy against enveloped viruses and sufficient efficacy against non-enveloped viruses and its use to contain the spread of Ebola has already been endorsed by the Australian Department of Health and Ageing3.

The donation is one of a number of initiatives currently being implemented by Mundipharma employees globally in a proactive drive to address the rising medical needs of Ebola patients.

BETADINE® is a Registered Trademark.

For further information please contact:
Stephenie Vasko
Communications Director – Asia, Latin America & Middle East PH +65-6303-9732

  • (ECDC, 2014).
  • (Australian Government Department of Health, Guidelines for laboratories associated with a designated isolation hospital, October 2014).

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