Sales and distribution collaboration of ISODINE® brand

December 9, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Singapore, 9th December,  2015–  Mundipharma  K.K.  and  Shionogi  &  Co.,  Ltd.  today announced a new exclusive sales collaboration contract for its ISODINE® brand in Japan. Under the contract, Shionogi will exclusively sell and distribute ISODINE® OTC products. This new contract succeeds the relationship with former partner Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

Following this agreement, Mundipharma K.K. retains the rights to the items listed below. These items will be sold and distributed in Japan by a new company “Shionogi Healthcare” (begin business from April 1st, 2016) responsible for Shionogi’s consumer health business.

In addition, a basic agreement with Shionogi to sell and distribute ISODINE® brand Sethical products has been reached. The details of the agreement will be disclosed subsequently.

“Mundipharma has been offering povidone-iodine preparations on overseas markets for over 5 decades and ISODINE® known in other markets as BETADINE®, is currently sold in 30 countries worldwide,” said Shosuke Kimura, President and Representative Director of Mundipharma. On the partnership with Shionogi, he added: “We expect Shionogi’s experience in infectious disease prevention, which complements our own, will realize further contribution to infection control measures.”

Isao Teshirogi, President & CEO of Shionogi said: “Shionogi has a history of conducting the research, development and sales of innovative anti-infective agents for over 50 years. Positioning “infectious disease” as the priority disease area, we have been contributing to the treatment of infectious disease with our wide-ranged product lines including therapeutic agents for HIV or influenza virus infection for medical use, antibacterial agents, non-prescription antipyretic analgesics and general cold drugs. This sales collaboration for ISODINE® brand products allows us to offer products from prevention to treatment of infectious disease consistently and we are expecting to realize further contribution to the improvement of the quality of life (QOL) of patients and customers.”



  1. A list of items subjected to the sales collaboration
    OTC drugs: ISODINE® Ugaigusuri, ISODINE®® Ugaigusuri P, ISODINE® Ugaigusuri C, ISODINE® Nodo Fresh F, ISODINE® Wash, ISODINE® Vulnerary and ISODINE® Nankou


  2. Scheduled commencement day of sales collaboration OTC drugs: March 31, 2016

®:   ISODINE® and BETADINE® are Registered Trademarks.